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Our Pittsburgh Personal injury Lawyers are here to make it right. Personal injury case damage recovery is designed to “make the plaintiff complete” after a personal injury has occurred. It is challenging to put a dollar amount on damages such as pain and suffering. Our objective is to put the injured party back where they would have been if the accident never happened. Our Pittsburgh personal injury lawyers specialize in doing this in the most efficient way possible while achieving the greatest possible returns for our clients.

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When going through the typical insurance procedure, you may not recover all of the reimbursement you need to cover your medical bills and other significant expenses associated with the injury. If the other party does not have proper insurance, the bills could fall on your lap. Getting stuck with a bill from a personal injury accident can affect your and your family’s quality of life for years to come.



Though the insurance businesses have to represent the interests of their policyholders, these companies are also constantly thinking about their profit and loss. Insurance agencies will, in many cases, settle an injury claim early to avoid extra costs. You may be best advised to speak with a lawyer before settling.



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